Belfry Sound Effects Player

Belfry is an iPad sound effects player for schools, small scale theatre venues and small touring companies. It allows for
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Drama PropBox

This handy fact-filled app for iOS and Android includes ideas for improvisation, sound effects, backing music, audition speeches, viewable lighting
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FX Live

FX Live is a fully-featured sound scheduler and mixer for live productions. It enables you to design and automate complex
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Index Card

Just like real index cards, great for planning and research.
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iTheatre is a mobile guide to London's West End theatre shows. You can find out what special offers are currently
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Line Learner app

Line Learner

Line Learner (£2.99 iTunes, £2.50 Android) This app is a great way to learn lines for a play or speech. You
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You don’t have to be a techie to appreciate myGobo.  It contains the entire Rosco gobo library of more than
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Rehearsal 2

Rehearsal 2 is an updated version of the versatile app that enables you to upload a script, highlight it and most
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What's not to like? The free version of the Shakespeare app features the full texts of 40 plays, six poems
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Vocal Warm-Ups and Tongue Twisters

Warm ups are catered for by Vocal Warm Ups and Tongue Twisters, allowing you to join in vocal routines as
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