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This is a very funny game where the players pretend to be experts on just about anything.

Set out three chairs in front of the group. Ask for three volunteers to play the role of ‘experts’. Each one sits on a chair. Now explain that the experts will answer any question put to them. Choose a random theme, for example cookery, football, nuclear power, transport or knitting. Choose a question related to one of the themes, for example, ‘what are the best tactics for developing a good football team?’, ‘how does a nuclear reactor work?’ or ‘how do you make fish and chips?’ Now explain that the experts can only speak one word at a time in order, for example:

A: I
B: think
C: that
A: a
B: football
C: trainer
A: should…

  • Let each ‘lecture’ run for just a couple of sentences unless the experts are really getting into the swing of things!
  • Appoint somebody as interviewer if the performers are doing well.
  • The audience will probably have some great ideas for topics.

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