The Musicians of Bremen Script

The Musicians of Bremen is a short play (nine pages plus info, around 15 minutes) suitable for performance by children and young people – ideal for Schools and Drama Clubs. Based on a famous story by the Brothers Grimm, it tells about four farmyard animals who...Read more

Introducing Augusto Boal (12 years to adult)

Three full-length practical sessions introducing the work of the Brazilian theatre who revolutionised theatre. The article introduces the concept of Image Theatre, Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed and includes activities such as The Great Game of Power,...Read more

The Gruffalo Drama Activities (4-7 years)

This complete lesson plan includes such activities as Meet a Creature, Sounds of the Forest, Exploring the Woods, Funny Faces, Story Moments, Gruffalo’s Footsteps, Meet the Mouse and Advice Line. These drama activities are taken from Learning Through Drama in...Read more