From ‘101 MORE Drama Games and Activities’

Age: 7 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 5 minutes
Skills: Concentration

Draw a circle, draw a cross, but can you do both at once?

This game is perfect for breaking the ice and quickly getting the attention of the group. It involves making simple actions with each hand and then doing them both at once. The game usually causes laughter and encourages people to relax. It’s great for waking up your students on a Friday afternoon (or Monday morning)! I learnt the game from the Brazilian theatre-maker and activist Augusto Boal, who often used the game at the beginning of his drama sessions.

In the video I give instructions so that you can try this game at home before you teach it – you may need to practise!


Ask everyone to hold up their right hand and draw a small circle in the air in front of them with their finger. Demonstrate this and get them to join in.

Now ask them to drop their right hand and raise their left. With this hand they should draw the shape of a cross in the air. Demonstrate this as well.

Next, ask them to draw both the cross and the circle at the same time. Most people will probably be able to do this part. Now ask them to swop hands so they are drawing a circle with their left hand and a cross with the right. This is the part that most people will struggle with – it can be quite amusing. Swop back and forth a few times. (It may remind you of that old chestnut of patting your head and rubbing your tummy – then swopping hands.)

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