DRAMA BOOTCAMP – Live Workshops
11 -15 January 2021 (new times)

Connecting teachers world-wide

Sharing and creating resources

JANUARY 2021: Monday 11th | Wednesday 13th | Friday 15th
10:00 am GMT
(15:30 Mumbai, 18:00 Hong Kong, 21:00 Sydney)

Take part in 3 live drama sessions:

Games, Strategies, Breakout activities, Resource sharing

Live, Online and Socially-distanced Drama


Workshop One - Introduction

Introductions, drama games and strategies, 3D Living Pictures, Q&As, Fun Sheet to complete


Workshop Two - Lesson Plans

Practice games & techniques, breakout groups & examples from lesson plans. Q&As. Homework set!


Workshop Three - Review and Feedback

Review and feedback on activities submitted by participants. Q&As. Ready to move forward with sparkling new ideas!

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Each workshop one-hour +


Design your own Sessions

Suitable for any theme, subject, book or play


Live Q&As

Discuss ideas and challenges with David Farmer


Optional "Homework"

Feedback on your ideas in the final session


Limited Numbers

Maximum 30 places for the Drama Bootcamp.

Drama Bootcamp emphasises learning by doing. We will introduce you to techniques such as:

Freeze Frames, Thought Tracking, 3D Living Pictures, Action Clip and Whoosh Storytelling.

We’ll explore these, generate ideas between us and examine examples in lesson plans.

There will be an opportunity to write up your own mini-activities related to your chosen book or theme. Share these to be discussed live in the final session.


Link drama to any aspect of the curriculum


Participants take part in discussions, games and improvisations during the live workshops

Lesson Plans

Examples from inspirational lesson plans


SIMPLE approaches which can be used with virtually any age-group

Pop-Up Facebook Group

A dedicated Facebook group for quick sharing of ideas, images, resources and feedback

Book Your Place

30 places left – reserve your place now!

David Farmer

David Farmer


David Farmer inspires, motivates and educates teachers about the power of drama to transform learning. Following a stand-out career as a theatre director and producer of shows and workshops for children and young people across the world, he is an in-demand speaker, trainer and writer.

Drama Bootcamp Details

Dates: Coming Soon – sign up to be the first to know!

Time: 4:00 pm BST (11:00 AM EDT)

Where: Our private Zoom Room. The link will be emailed to you prior to the first session.

Space is Limited: We’re capping these workshops to 30 people. Once the Bootcamp fills up we will consider adding more dates.

Who is it for? Teachers, teaching assistants, home educators or freelance practitioners who are new or fairly new to drama. The techniques work with primary/elementary school children and can be adapted for any age-group.

No refunds for Drama Bootcamp will be granted for any reason. Space is limited – which means that if you decide to take one of these spots it’s yours even if you do not attend.

What They Said…

… about Drama Boot Camp

‘David led really well thought out and executed lessons. It was also wonderful to connect with other drama teachers all trying to figure this out!’
Karen Butler, Literacy Support, New York City

‘Take it! Practical hands on experience within a welcoming community. I have recommended you and your courses to my colleagues.’
Linda Lord, Playwright and Storyteller, Ontario, Canada

‘Doing activities on Zoom with people all around the world is so exciting! It helped me to understand what would work best with my own students.’

Josee Colley, 'Shakespeare Experts', Hong Kong

‘I am excited about this course because I adore David’s approach. Thank you once again for creating this opportunity for those of us who are far far away and for using the problem (going online) itself to offer the solution (going online)!

Azmin Vania, Mumbai, India

‘It’s stimulating and gets the creative juices flowing. David is very knowledgeable and there is great benefit in sharing ideas with participants and in having a little homework to do. I really enjoyed it, and it made me long to be out facilitating again!’
Participant, July 2020

‘It was a great way to ease back into what promises to be a challenging but hopefully rewarding school year.’
Michelle, Quebec, Canada

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to attend live? Will there be a recording available?
You don’t have to attend all of the sessions live. If you can be at some of them, you’ll get extra benefit. That way you’ll be able to get your specific questions answered.

Yes, there will be replays. We’ll be sending them out as soon as they’re ready!

How much work will I have to do between the sessions?
Most of the activity you’ll be doing will be completed during the workshops. There will be optional assignments to complete outside class time, and it’s up to you how much time you spend on them!
How long is each session?
Each session lasts a minimum of one hour. They may last longer, depending on questions and answers.
Is this an in-depth course?
It’s quite deep considering we only have 3 sessions – you will be taken through some simple yet amazingly effective methods that you can apply to a whole range of themes quickly and easily.
What's the difference between this workshop and your course The Inspiring Drama Teacher? I can't decide which one to sign up for.

Everything that we cover in the Drama Boot Camp is also covered inside The Inspiring Drama Teacher Part One and Part Two. This Boot Camp will include the basic methods to get your drama sessions running.

So what does the in-depth course offer? And do I get a discount?
My full course teaches you a lot more strategies for using drama, provides you with worksheets, resources, videos and exclusive lesson plans to keep you going. There’s a lot more besides.

I’m constantly updating the course to include additional videos, examples and lesson plans. If you’re struggling with any problems around drama teaching then I can help to discuss your issues with you and will often create new material for you to use.

If you love the Drama Boot Camp and want to continue working with me on drama teaching, you’ll receive a special invitation to join The Inspiring Drama Teacher Part Two. If you decide to enrol in the full course, you will receive a full refund on the Drama Boot Camp!

I have another question!
Get in touch at: [email protected]