A game by Augusto Boal

In pairs, one is a TV interviewer, the other is an “expert” on any subject the interviewer names – e.g. abstract art, eating jelly, catching caterpillars… Now an interview takes place and the expert must talk as though he or she really knows a lot about the subject.

As a fun variation in threes, the expert speaks gibberish (any made up sounds) and an “interpreter” explains what the expert is really saying. In this case, you could try not giving a theme before you start, so that the interpreter can say whatever she likes! Of course it is essential that both the expert and the interpreter go along with each other’s ideas.

You can also use the one word at a time technique and allow this game to get very silly! You could have two people playing the interviewer and another pair as the expert. To give a bit more control, you could try one interviewer and a two-headed expert.

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101 Drama Games and Activities

101 Drama Games and Activities

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