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Age: 7 to adult
Players: Pairs, threes
Time: 10-15 minutes
Skills: Improvisation, Speaking and Listening

Experts talk about what they know – and what they don’t

In pairs, one is a TV interviewer, the other is an “expert” on any subject the interviewer names – e.g. abstract art, eating jelly, catching caterpillars… Now an interview takes place and the expert must talk as though he or she really knows a lot about the subject.


  • As a fun variation in threes, the expert speaks gibberish (any made up sounds) and an “interpreter” explains what the expert is really saying. In this case, you could try not giving a theme before you start, so that the interpreter can say whatever she likes! Of course it is essential that both the expert and the interpreter go along with each other’s ideas
  • You can also use the one word at a time technique and allow this game to get very silly!
  • Using one word at a time, you could have two people playing the interviewer and another pair as the expert. To give a bit more control, you could try one interviewer and a two-headed expert


Why not play this game online? You can have a single interview taking place with everyone else as the audience or divide people up into pairs/threes to try any of the variations then pick some to show after they have practised.

  • Want to try this game out? We play lots of games in our monthly Zoom Meetings which come as part of The Inspiring Drama Teacher course. We often come up with new ideas between us!

Thank you for another fabulous resource in the Experts activity. The three different parts to this help develop the children’s technique and they’re really enjoying creating amusing sketches.

Amy Wright 
Amy Wright

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