FX Live is a fully-featured sound scheduler and mixer for live productions. It enables you to design and automate complex audio elements including programmable or manual crossfades. It comes as a free app with a demo of cues for a production of ‘Oliver’. The full app is available as an in-app purchase for £6.99.

fx-logoEffects can have individual criteria applied to them, such as level, pan, fade in/out duration and loop. Once you have set up and designed the sound cues the show can be run from the performance screen. A green TAKE NEXT button can be used to run through the cues, with Spot Effects dropped in as needed. If anything goes wrong you can quickly jump to any point in the Cue List and pick up from that point. Individual running elements can be paused, stopped and have their level overridden. An ALL STOP button is also provided to silence everything. One useful feature is the Loop feature. If your sound effect is not long enough you can loop it and the end will automatically crossfade with the start of the file to make a seamless loop.

This clearly-designed app should enable professional and semi-professional companies to run complex shows easily and there are downloadable detailed reference guides and tutorials. It will take a while to understand and learn the interface but you can get a feel for the app by trying out the free version. This is fully featured but limits the number of cues and simultaneous effects.

There is a dedicated web site at www.driftwoodsoftware.com/fx-live.html.

Order from the iTunes Store.