Playing the game online in ‘The Inspiring Drama Teacher’ course. Can you guess what we give each other?

From ‘101 Drama Games and Activities’

Age: 5 to adult
Players: Whole Group/Pairs
Time: 10-15 minutes
Skills: Mime and movement, Improvisation

This game is all about receiving surprises and about the things we value most.

A fast-moving game in which ideas are generated very quickly. In pairs, mime giving and receiving presents. The person giving the present must not decide what it is. The recipient should mime opening the present and only then say what it is. Don’t pre-plan, just decide on the spur of the moment. Whatever it is, be really delighted and grateful – it is just what you have always wanted!

Begin by sitting in a circle and each person should give a present to the person sitting next to them, one at a time, going round the circle so that everyone sees each gift. Once you have demonstrated the game, participants can play in pairs, taking it in turns to give each other a mystery gift. Keep swapping over for a couple of minutes.

Director’s Tips

  • Afterwards it is fun to go around the circle and find out some of the presents people received
  • Keep it moving fast so that players don’t have time to plan – this is much more fun!
  • Try playing an even faster version where the gift is not wrapped so that the recipient immediately says what it is and thanks the giver

Play Online

You can play this game online if you are using Zoom or other video-conferencing software where students can see and hear each other. If you are playing with the whole class, begin by passing the imaginary gift towards your camera and saying the name of the person you are giving the gift to. That person should hold their hands towards their camera/screen as though they are receiving the gift. You will need to work out an order for students to play the game, so that everyone has a turn.

Playing it in pairs in breakout rooms is even more fun as you get to give each other lots of presents!

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