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Age: 4 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 5 minutes
Skills: Observation, Concentration

Can you guess who spoke?

The group stands or sits in a circle. A volunteer goes to the centre and closes their eyes or is blindfolded. The leader silently selects someone in the circle. That person must say “Greetings, your Majesty” in a disguised voice. Now the person in the middle opens their eyes and tries to guess who it was. If they are wrong, the game is played again. If they are right, they swap places.

One group of children taught me their own version of this, where the “guesser” faces the wall and the others sit behind on the floor. One person says “Fish and Chips” in a daft voice. The guesser turns round and points at who they think it was.

So you could use any phrase that you like, for example different lines from a play or poem as a fun way to learn lines.

Working Online

In Zoom or a similar online environment, explain the game. Ask for one person to turn their back and put their hands over their eyes. Choose another player to speak the phrase by sending them a private chat message. That player should make sure that they are unmuted (or you can unmute them), then they speak the phrase. The person with their eyes closed turns round and makes their guess.

I also had the following idea sent in by Steph Anderson for younger students or classes that don’t use the chat box.

“Our students all have whiteboards, but you could also use scratch paper. We write the name of the person who is chosen on the whiteboard and hold it up for everyone on the Zoom to see. We also noticed that it is best to Spotlight the person who is the guesser. If you don’t do that, then the last person to talk pops up into the frame so it is easier to guess.”

Thanks Steph!

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