Based on the game in ‘101 Drama Games and Activities’

Age: 5 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 10-15 minutes
Skills: Group dynamics, concentration

A fun group dynamics and observation game

Online Version

The game is played using Zoom or other video-conferencing software. Students should make sure they have got space to move around in front of the camera/screen, where they can still be seen. Secretly write the name of one student (the leader) in big letters. Choose another student to be the detective and tell her that she must now turn her back to the screen until you call her name. Make sure that all students are muted. Now nominate the leader by holding up the name you have written.

The leader begins making a simple repeating movement which everybody else copies. As soon as this is established, call the detective to turn around to look at the screen. Every now and again the leader must change the movement. Everybody else copies the change as soon as they realise. The detective tries to spot the leader and as soon as she does, the game is over and a new detective and leader are chosen.

Teaching Drama Online

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