Take this game for a spin!

Age: 7 to adult
Players: Individual/Family
Time: Infinite
Skills: Fun, Creativity, Teamwork

Students have to make a video based on different hilarious tasks. They can rope in their family to help!

Originally a show performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Taskmaster was adapted for TV and during lockdown a series of tasks were created for anybody to do at home. These hilarious tasks involve using items at home to create scenes, movies, pictures and animations. The online version has just ended (temporarily) but you can watch all the YouTube episodes here. And they are seriously original and creative!

We can definitely use some of these tasks with our students, or adapt them according to age-group. Here are some video examples of recent individual tasks:

Silently Recreate a Famous Movie Scene
The History of the World, as Told by Hometaskers
Turn Your Bathroom into a Venue For a Great Night Out
Create an Epic Sporting Moment in Your Kitchen
Make and Demonstrate the Best Invention
Do Something Really Cool in Slow Motion
Turn Your Bed Into Something That Isn’t a Bed
Demonstrate the Most Extreme Housework

You can watch episodes of the TV show on UKTVPlay

Let me know if you use any of these or come up with your own versions!

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