Line Learner (£3.99 iTunes, £2.49 Android)

This app is a great way to learn lines for a play or speech. You simply speak each line into the iPhone (or iPod with microphone), pressing a button to specify whether it is another character’s line or one that you will speak. Once you have read a few lines you can start practising. Simply switch to playback and you can hear the other characters’ lines to cue you in. At first you may want to select to hear your own lines, but once you begin to get to know them you can turn them off in settings. That way there will be a gap of the correct length for you to speak your line before the next character starts. The help screen is very clear and it is easy to get up and running quite quickly. You can record each scene separately and have as many different scripts as you like. It is easy to edit or re-record lines if you need to.

The app is very straightforward and I find it easier than the sort which requires you to upload a script first. It’s garnered a lot of good ratings in the App Store. A free version is also available (LineLearner Lite).

Order from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

Line Learner