Here are some of the ideas I am working on for my drama lesson on looking after pets. These will be fully explained in the book.

Imaginarium – step in as animals that would make a good pet
Animals that might not be a good idea as a pet


  • Choose one of the pets from the warm-up and ask a child to make the shape of that animal in the centre of the circle (or use a toy)
  • Ask others to step in as things that would make the pet happy. For example for a rabbit, children might choose carrot, water, hay
  • If you like you can play the game again with a different animal and this time ask the children to step in as things that would keep the pet safe and healthy. For example, vet, injection, tablets, bath, brush, exercise, the right food, microchip, clean home
  • Individual occupational mime – looking after pet – Grooming, feeding, playing, exercising
  • Pairs freeze frame of child looking after pet. Decide on activity
  • Thought tracking and Action Clip. Distinguish between animal sounds and spoken words. What would the animal say if it could speak? What does it think or feel?
  • Magic chair – hot-seating. Ask children to sit on chair and answer questions. We will try to guess what kind of animal they are
  • Questions: What do you like best about being a pet? Are you ever unhappy? Are there some things you wish your owner would let you do?
  • A is a pet and B is the owner. The pet has some kind of problem or request and the owner has to decide what to do about it. For example a dog wants to go for walks on its own, a parrot wants to host its own TV show or a cat wants to go shopping to choose some new toys. Guinea pig wants to go on holiday with owner. Rabbit wants to meet some other animals. Dog would like to help owner design a new kennel made of lego. Cat wants to visit the zoo. Hamster wants a microchip so it can go out on its own.
  • Shall I get a new pet?’ – three different people walk down the Conscience Alley; a child, an old person living on their own, a business person who is away during the day. The two sides give opposing views or can suggest different kinds of pets.

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