By Frankie Fouganthin - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
From ‘101 Drama Games and Activities’

Age: 8 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 10 minutes
Skills: Performance, directing

A fun and challenging game to play during the latter stages of rehearsals.

The actors are assembled around the acting area. The director calls out a random line from the script. Immediately the cast have to rush to where they should be at that moment (if they can remember) and start playing the scene from that line onwards. Anyone not on stage should leave or stand at the side. Let the scene run for a short while until everyone recalls where they should be, then the director stops the scene and chooses another line.

Online Version

If you’re rehearsing a play online (as we will be learning about in the Directors’ Bootcamp this week), using Zoom or another video-conferencing platform, you can play this game. The only difference will be that the individual actors won’t be moving onto the stage… but they can still move into the physical position that they will be in at the moment that the line begins. Then whoever speaks the line begins the dialogue, Everyone else can remain seated, waiting for their turn in another part of the scene when you read out another line.

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