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Explore whether different types of people should get a pet (using Conscience Alley).

The class forms two lines facing each other, with a gap between them. One student is given the role of a character and slowly walks down the alley. On one side, the students give reasons why the character should get a pet. They can also suggest what kind of pet the character should get.

On the other side, students try to persuade the character that it would be wrong to keep a pet. It is likely that some reasons will be repeated, but students should try to express themselves in their own words. When the student in role reaches the end of the alley, they should decide whether the character would get a pet.

Suggested characters

  • A delivery driver who is away from home most of the day

  • An older person living on their own

  • A parent with two young children

  • A strict headteacher

  • The Prime Minister

  • A famous pop star

  • A footballer

The above is an extract from the new book by David Farmer.

The reviews are in!

‘A flexible, varied book filled with engaging drama activities… for primary teachers, I would very much recommend ‘Drop of a Hat’ for its content, ease of use, and engaging activities, as well as for demonstrating how you can use drama to great effect in many areas of the curriculum… Secondary drama teachers will find the activities useful and many of the stimulus materials would be relevant at KS3 and 4.’
— Drama and Theatre Magazine (January 2020)



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