Age: 7 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 10 minutes
Skills: Improvisation, Spontaneity, Observation

A fun way of quickly developing a series of tableaux.

The group stands in a circle. Anyone can begin by choosing an object or character to become. That person steps into the space and says, “I am a ….” (whatever the object is). One by one other players step in, each naming and making a related object or character. So it might go:

A: I am a car.
B: I am a mechanic.
C: I am a spanner.
D: I am an oil can.
E: I am a blob of oil.

This continues until you are happy with the number of people in the tableau. At this point you can just say ‘Whoosh!’ to clear the stage and a new sequence can begin. It is important that players watch and listen carefully so that they add in an appropriate character or object. This ensures that players are accepting and building on what has gone before – an important rule in improvisation.

Come back for a new Game next week!

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