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Age: 6 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 10 – 15 minutes
Skills: Concentration, Energiser

A rhythmic clapping game accompanied by animal gestures

Begin by asking each player to select a zoo animal and a short gesture to represent that animal (for example beating fists on the chest for a gorilla, raising one arm in the air for an elephant trunk or making a slithering arm movement for a snake). When everyone has chosen an animal, the group starts a rhythm with two slaps on the thighs and a hand clap. It should sound like the beginning of We Will Rock You by Queen.

When the rhythm is established, the first person starts by slapping their thighs twice then making their own animal gesture instead of the clap. They repeat this but the second time they make someone else’s gesture instead of the handclap. This passes the focus to that person who has to make their gesture followed by someone else’s. Everybody else keeps the slapping and clapping rhythm going while the animal gestures are travelling around. If the rhythm gets too fast or someone goes wrong, start again.

For example:

Elephant: Slap-Slap (elephant gesture)
  Slap-Slap (crocodile gesture)
Crocodile: Slap-Slap (crocodile gesture)
  Slap-Slap (snake gesture)
Snake: Slap-Slap (snake gesture)
  Slap-Slap (lion gesture)
  • As a variation players can make an animal sound as well as a gesture.
  • Try choosing a different theme such as superheroes or characters from a play.

Play Socially Distanced

This game can easily be played socially distanced, even with students sitting at their own desks.

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