Two Theatre Directors | Three Live Workshops

How do we make sense of directing plays – both online and socially distanced?

21 places currently available

Workshop One - The Foundations

What to do before you go online: get to know the technology (it’s not just Zoom), make risk assessments, production planning, motivate students – a participatory, fun, informative and live workshop!

Workshop Two - Getting It Right

Contingency planning: stream live from the studio, organise for social distancing or online as necessary. Learn tried and tested games & techniques, practise breakout groups. Q&As. Homework set!

Workshop Three - The Experience

Review and feedback on ideas submitted by participants. Have fun in a live (online) theatre rehearsal session. Q&As. Ready to move forward with sparkling new ideas!

OCTOBER: Monday 12th | Wednesday 14th | Friday 16th
4:00 pm BST (11:00 am EDT)
Each Workshop will be 60-90 minutes

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David Farmer has written and directed plays for the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith, the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester and the Royal Opera House Studio. With Tiebreak Theatre Company, his productions toured widely to hundreds of schools, theatres, museums, forests and festivals across the UK and USA over a period of 25 years.

In 2014 he directed ‘The Legend of the Rood’, a cycle of four community Mystery Plays starring the Bishop of Norwich as God and with Tambai Theatre he directed Anna Mudeka in Kure Kure/Faraway for a UK tour in 2019.

‘David Farmer’s direction encourages a sense of wonder and wit’ – Sunday Telegraph on Frog in Love.

Total Theatre Award Nominee at the Edinburgh Fringe for My Uncle Arly coproduced with Hoipolloi Theatre.

David Farmer

Freelance Director

Leigh Wolmarans is the Artistic Director of Silhouette Youth Theatre. He and Silhouette work closely with the Royal Shakespeare Company.  A former headteacher, Leigh spent over 25 years in primary schools directing over 50 plays, many as Director of the Lings Performing Arts Academy.

Leigh’s students have performed in theatres across the country and he is well known for the high standard of his work. He has created a wide range of drama materials and books for children. He is passionate about the power of the performing arts to transform lives.

Leigh began directing four productions prior to the pandemic and has developed a highly effective approach that has enabled rehearsals to continue online throughout the year. He is currently preparing to continue the process in the Silhouette studio.

Leigh Wolmarans

Director, Silhouette Youth Theatre, Northampton

Each workshop one-hour +


Directing Online/Socially Distanced

How to organise, develop and rehearse online or safely in a studio


Building Community

Establishing a foundation for long-term working relationships


Using Breakout Rooms

Developing characters and scenes through productive group work


Practical and hands-on

Interactive tasks and activities through out the workshops

What They Said…

…about Drama Boot Camp

‘David led really well thought out and executed lessons. It was also wonderful to connect with other drama teachers all trying to figure this out!’
Karen Butler, Literacy Support, New York City

‘Take it! Practical hands on experience within a welcoming community. I have recommended you and your courses to my colleagues.’
Linda Lord, Playwright and Storyteller, Ontario, Canada

‘Go for it!’
Josee Colley, 'Shakespeare Experts', Hong Kong

‘I am excited about this course because I adore David’s approach. Thank you once again for creating this opportunity for those of us who are far far away and for using the problem (going online) itself to offer the solution (going online)!

Azmin Vania, Mumbai, India

‘It’s stimulating and gets the creative juices flowing. David is very knowledgeable and there is great benefit in sharing ideas with participants and in having a little homework to do. I really enjoyed it, and it made me long to be out facilitating again!’
Participant, July 2020

‘It was a great way to ease back into what promises to be a challenging but hopefully rewarding school year.’
Michelle, Quebec, Canada

Here’s a Taster!

In this 10-minute Zoom Meeting, Leigh gives some fantastic advice about managing classes/groups online – which is helpful even if you aren’t directing a show!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to attend live? Will there be a recording available?
You don’t have to attend all of the sessions live. If you can be at some of them, you’ll get extra benefit. That way you’ll be able to get your specific questions answered.

Yes, there will be replays. We’ll be sending them out as soon as they’re ready!

How much work will I have to do between the sessions?
Most of the activity you’ll be doing will be completed during the workshops. There will be optional assignments to complete outside class time, and it’s up to you how much time you spend on them!
How long is each session?
Each session lasts a minimum of one hour. They may last longer, depending on questions and answers.
Is this an in-depth course?
It’s quite deep considering we only have 3 sessions – you will be taken through some simple yet amazingly effective methods that you can apply to a range of plays and productions.
I have another question!
Get in touch at: [email protected]