From ‘101 Drama Games and Activities’

 Age: 4 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 5 – 10 minutes
Skills: Mime

Throw your face – but be careful which way the wind is blowing!

  • Scroll down for tips on playing this game online or socially-distanced

The group stands in a circle. The first person puts their hands over their face and moves them about as though sculpting their own features. Move your lips, tongue, eyes, eyebrows – anything that you can move – into a grotesque face. When you are ready take your hands away to show your face to the group!

Choose somebody across the circle. Lean backwards and then quickly forwards as though you are throwing your face to them. Now comes the really funny part – that person must quickly copy the face you made as though they have “caught” it. This is usually quite amusing for everybody else as well.

That person moulds a new expression with their hands and throws it across the circle to somebody new – and so the game goes on!

Director’s Tips:

  • We spend most of our lives wearing the exact same expression on our face. This game gives people a chance to try out some new expressions. You never know, you might find one you want to keep!
  • Somehow, moving your face around with your fingers can help you create the most amazing expressions that you would never have thought of in a million years!

Play Online

  • Watch the video to see exactly how to play online *
  • Decide on an order (use the register or paste a list of names into the chat window)
  • Throw the face from one person to another in the order you have decided
  • Try playing with everyone catching the face (see video)

Social Distancing

  • The game can easily be played in ‘social bubble’ groups in the classroom or socially-distanced in the hall/studio

* This video is part of a one-hour Zoom session that takes place monthly for participants of our Inspiring Drama Teacher course.

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