This poem is from my forthcoming book on drama lessons.  I’ve written it to support drama and writing based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It can be used for Whoosh storytelling.

I’ll tell you a tale of things never seen
Of a magical sea ruled by a queen
Titania’s her name, she swims up and down;
A pink jellyfish with a golden crown.
Four bright sea-horses paint Titania’s nails
And bring her pearls with their delicate tails
They gallop right through the wavy seaweed
An enchanted forest under the sea.
Titania’s husband is quite fabulous
Here he comes: Oberon the Octopus
And this is his servant – they call him Puck
He’s an electric eel who’s down on his luck
With a spark and a fizz he’ll whizz through the weeds
And bring the old king whatever he needs
But Titania’s stolen an angel fish
And Oberon thinks she’s so selfish
He wants the angel to guard his palace
He’s in such a mood – just look at his face!
The king and the queen are making a scene
They’re huffing and puffing and being quite mean
The winds are blowing; the ships are rocking
They’ve kicked up a storm – it’s really quite shocking!