Everybody stands in a circle. Give the following instructions:

“Hold an imaginary plate in your right hand like a waiter. Imagine what is on your plate, for example spaghetti, soup or a fried breakfast. Now begin to move your plate without spilling anything.”

(Demonstrate how to to move the “plate” towards and away from the body as in the video.)

Once they have mastered this, ask them to do the same with their left hand on its own, again imagining what is on the plate. Next they should try to move both plates at the same time.

“Now imagine that the space inside the circle is a restaurant and we are all going to make a winding journey across the circle to a new place on the opposite side. People should pass close to each other, keeping their plates moving.”

The centre of the circle should resemble a busy restaurant. When everybody has arrived in a new place you can go round and ask people what they had on their plates.

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