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This brand new online game is based on ‘Anyone Who’ (which you can watch in the video below). Play it on Zoom or another video-conferencing platform.

Age: 8 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 10 minutes
Skills: Concentration, Ice-breaker

A daft dressing-up game where people find out what they have in common

Everybody needs a few items of clothing/costume nearby e.g. a red nose, some hats, a scarf and anything else, the funnier the better.

  • Before the game starts, everyone must put on one of the items.

The teacher calls out a category beginning with “Anyone who…”, such as “Anyone who likes chocolate.” As soon as the category is called out, anyone who likes chocolate must take off their item of costume, grab one of the other items and put it on. The teacher decides who was the slowest to do the task. That person becomes the next caller. They have to think of a new category, for example ‘Anyone who… owns a pet.’

  • If the caller can’t think of a new category, he or she can say “Wardrobe malfunction!”, at which point everybody has to change an item of clothing!

Director’s Tip

Usually ‘Anyone Who’ is played with the rule that the category called out must be true for the person who calls it. So if you call out ‘Anyone who has been to Berlin’ then you should’ve been to Berlin. It’s meant to be a game for getting to know people!

Suitable categories include:

Anyone who likes/doesn’t like… coffee/getting up late/cats/sports/spaghetti/spicy food
Anyone who is wearing… trousers/black shoes/a pullover/blue/earrings
Anyone who has been to… London/Disneyland/the Berlin Wall
Anyone who has… a pet/sister/garden
Anyone who owns… a musical instrument/teddy bear/mobile phone
Anyone who went… to the cinema last week/on holiday this year
Anyone who would like to… fly in a hot-air balloon/go bungee jumping
Anyone who has ever… told a lie/been on a date/kept a diary
Anyone who will… watch TV tonight/go shopping at the weekend
Anyone who is afraid of… spiders/crowds/horror movies
Anyone who is allergic to… cats/nuts/homework

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Thanks for these really fun and creative games ideas that you keep sending out every week. Have been using some of your games in my physical as well as online Improv sessions for warm ups. Both your books – 101 Drama games and 101 More Drama games are an oft-referred source in my book shelf!

Robert Devotta 
Robert Devotta

I would like to thank you, David Farmer, so much for all the online drama games – I am doing a debate club via Zoom and they are wonderful for warm ups – I am a big fan of yours having bought both your drama games books and regular visits for your drama tips eg the Cinderella freeze frame, for when I used to teach in a classroom before Covid.

Elisabeth Lowery, Ecole Jacques Prevert, Hammersmith 
Elisabeth Lowery, Ecole Jacques Prevert, Hammersmith

Thank you David Farmer !!! I love your Drama Games and they inspire me greatly!

Sara Christoffersen, Argentina 
Sara Christoffersen, Argentina

I am always impressed and inspired by your “Drama Game of the Week”. Drama games are very powerful to understand differences and similarities among human beings and to understand others.

Ichi, Osaka, Japan 
Ichi, Osaka, Japan

I loved this game, the students were extremely spontaneous and that made it more enjoyable. I often use all the drama games that you send and believe me it’s made my classes fun!

Nishi, Mumbai, India 
Nishi, Mumbai, India

Thank you for sending me the suggestions for the parents’ workshop. The parents loved those sessions and could understand how their children are learning and why their kids say that drama is so much fun. They really loved it!

Marika, Kenya 
Marika, Kenya