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Age: 5 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 10 minutes
Skills: Observation, Energiser

A popular warm-up with younger children.

Everyone moves briskly around the room, changing direction every now and again so they are not always next to the same people. After a few moments clap your hands and call “Freeze!” for players to stop still – and then to close their eyes. Tap one player on the shoulder and ask him to open his eyes and quietly leave the room.

Clap your hands again for everyone to open their eyes and immediately move briskly around. Call “Freeze!” again for everyone to stop. Now ask them who they think is missing.

Director’s Tips

  • Young children enjoy playing this game over and over, although they might have to put their hands over their eyes or make a ball shape on the floor so they are not tempted to peek!
  • You can also ask more than one player to leave the room.

Online Version
In Zoom or a similar online environment, explain the game then ask everyone to close their eyes (and put their hands over their eyes for good measure). Put one person in the waiting room by following the instructions below. Ask everyone to open their eyes and see who is the quickest to spot who is missing!

*** PS Don’t forget to bring them back!

Sending participants to the Waiting Room during a meeting

As the meeting host, click Participants
Click More next to the participant’s name and choose Put in Waiting Room.

And to bring them back again by magic…

Admitting participants during a meeting
As the meeting host, click Participants.
Click Admit to have the participant join the meeting

Full instructions for using the Waiting Room on Zoom here

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