100 Acting Exercises for 8-18 Year Olds Book Cover 100 Acting Exercises for 8-18 Year Olds
Samantha Marsden
Methuen Drama
February 2019
Paperback, Kindle


If you are a director or acting teacher this book will have a lot to offer. Samantha Marsden provides an overview of most of the leading approaches to acting used on the stage today. If you are wondering how to deepen characters, explore objectives, motivation and sub-text, then this book will provide you with a highly practical approach by way of games, exercises, lists of actions and sample scenes.

Each activity is underscored by straightforward theory and practical tips. The style is 'pick-me-up-and-use-me'; you can open the book to any page and find an exercise to use. So whether your guru is Stanislavsky, Meisner, Strasberg, Hagen or none of the above, you'll find plenty to draw upon.

I would say the book should not be limited to those working with young people; there is plenty for adults to get their teeth into. It would be a useful text for adult drama students as well as for amateur and even professional directors looking for new (and fun) ways to proactively involve their cast members.