bullying-tableauDrama is a natural learning method for key stage two pupils. But where do you start? Here are eleven recommended ideas and books to get you going.

Ten Second Objects – I use this in just about every drama session I run – it’s great fun and only takes ten seconds!

Freeze Frames – this classic method can be used to create tableaus of just about anything.

Thought Tracking – add speech to freeze frames as a step towards improvisation and role play.

Sculptor and Statue – A great game in which partners take turns to “mould” each other into a living statue.

Drop Of A Hat – this book gives you lesson plans and drama strategies for teaching drama across the curriculum – at the drop of a hat!

Drama Lessons – a collection of drama lessons and units for primary-aged students, key stage one and two.

Anti-Bullying Drama Unit – explore bullying issues through drama.

Bringing Fairy Tales to Life through Drama – traditional stories can provide the raw material for many drama sessions.

Sound Pictures – a “soundscape” is created using children’s voices and bodies (and possibly musical instruments).

World War Two Evacuees – this drama unit uses a range of media, drama strategies and a fictional story to explore the experience of World War Two evacuees

Playful Plays Volume 1 – A lively collection of eight short plays for children and young people supported by inspirational drama games.

Drama Courses

The Inspiring Drama Teacher

The Inspiring Drama Teacher

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Creativity with Young Learners

Creativity with Young Learners

50-hour face to face course about using drama techniques in the classroom, developing personal language awareness through art and play - and much more!