Drama Lesson Plans

This collection of carefully-planned drama lessons will give you plenty of ideas for bringing the curriculum to life, exploring stories and a range of themes. The PDFs can be purchased and downloaded immediately – just click on the image or title for details. The lessons have been prepared by specialist David Farmer and use a variety of drama games and strategies to make learning interactive and fun!
These inspirational downloads are a great way to experience David Farmer’s approach in your school. If you want to find out more, don’t forget about our live and online courses!
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Somebody Swallowed Stanley (4-7 years)

About the dangers of plastic waste for marine wildlife, based on a beautifully illustrated book

The Great Fire of London (6-7 years)

Explores events & characters of The Great Fire of London (1666)

Go Kart by Michael Rosen (9-11 years)

Exploring narrative poetry through performance, writing & art work

Vaping (12-15 years)

Discussing the issues of vaping as they affect young people

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The (ever-growing) Drama Lesson Plan Vault includes:

  1. Man on the Moon (3-5 years) written to commemorate the Moon Landing in July 2019
  2. Somebody Swallowed Stanley (4-7 years) about the dangers of plastic waste for marine wildlife, based on an inspiring and beautifully illustrated book
  3. Fairy Tales (5-6 years) exploring characters and plots from fairy stories
  4. Fire of London (6-7 years) explores the events and characters of The Great Fire of London in 1666
  5. Fractured Fairy Tales (9-10 years) retelling of well-known fairy stories, encouraging children to make up their own endings
  6. The Monkey King (9-10 years) explores the story of ‘The Monkey King’s Sacrifice’ and includes a cleverly written Whoosh Storytelling (story included)
  7. Around the World (9-11 years) offers a virtual tour of the world through drama (aligned to the Scottish Curriculum)
  8. Go Kart poem by Michael Rosen (9-11 years) exploring wonderful narrative poem through performance, improvisation, writing narrative poetry and art work
  9. The Tell Tale Heart (12-14 years) uses the famous horror story by Edgar Allen Poe as the basis for a thought-provoking and lively session including a range of drama techniques
  10. Antigone (12-15 years) covers the theme of Citizenship by exploring the nature of law and ethical dilemmas through the myth of Antigone (summary of ‘Antigone’ is included)
  11. Vaping (12-15 years) A well-researched and carefully structured session (or pair of sessions) for introducing and discussing the issues of vaping as they affect young people
  12. Feeding The Homeless during COVID-19 (14 years) A challenging and inspiring lesson plan based on a news report about a real estate agent in Cape Town, South Africa

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