funnybonesThis wonderful book by Janet and Allan Ahlberg is still being enjoyed decades after its original publication in 1980 and there are at least eight other books in the series. Children really love listening to and joining in with the story – and the drama activities are even more fun!

You will need to buy the book separately, but it is well worth it. Children will enjoy hearing (or reading) it again and again. It is readily available on Amazon. Alternatively, you can show the video below.

The lesson plan contains a range of practical, fun and easy-to-do drama and dance activities linked to the story, suitable for key stage 1 (5-7 years). There are at least 90 minutes of activities, so you could choose some of your favourites for one session or turn it into two or more lessons quite easily.

The activities include freeze frames, thought tracking, dance, soundscape and drama games. There is also an option for children to make up their own adventure, ideal for drama club or for inspiring writing through drama.

Click the button to download the full 5-page Funnybones Drama Unit (PDF) for just £4.97 with PayPal.

‘I was looking for ideas and considering a variety of books for a school club of mixed ability + age. The club is due to run for seven weeks. The Funnybones ideas are brilliant and there is plenty of material to extend, create and adapt to the needs of the children.’

Fiona Miller 
Fiona Miller