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12 Tips for Learning Lines

Learning lines for plays or speeches is not always easy - here are twelve tips to help!

3D Living Pictures

Bring pictures to life through freeze frames, thought tracking and improvisation.

5 Creative Drama Ideas For Your Classroom

Drama uses the greatest resource that teachers have available to them – children’s imagination. Creative play is a natural part

7 Levels of Tension

The 7 levels of tension are used to explore the dynamics of a character, scene or improvisation.

Anti-Bullying Drama Unit

Using drama to explore bullying issues, giving pupils the opportunity to try out anti-bullying strategies.

Bringing Fairy Tales to Life through Drama

Ways to develop fairy and folk tales into rehearsed performances, improvisations, tableaux and oral storytelling.

Commedia dell’arte Drama Unit

Commedia dell’arte began in the marketplaces of 16th-century Europe as improvised theatre which was rude, funny and satirical.

Devising Theatre

Devising Theatre - links, exercises, practitioners and inspirational quotes

Dorothy Heathcote – Pioneer of Educational Drama

The ethos of drama in education today owes an enormous debt to the inspiration of one woman - Dorothy Heathcote

Drama Across the Curriculum

Drama strategies can be used as everyday teaching tools for a wide range of subjects. (Extract from 'Learning Through Drama

Drama for Language Teaching

Drama is an effective way of helping students to learn languages including English as a Foreign Language (EFL), as it uses

Drama For Writing

Drama can provide children with a meaningful purpose for writing. (Extract from 'Learning Through Drama in the Primary Years').

Drop Of A Hat by David Farmer – Review January 2022

Review: "...a useful and helpful book for primary practitioners."

Forkbeard Fantasy – Multimedia Theatre of the Absurd – 1

Key theory, ideas and practices Forkbeard Fantasy are pioneers of cross-artform multimedia theatre. Their subversive performances are a seemingly anarchic

Forkbeard Fantasy – Multimedia Theatre of the Absurd – 2

Key productions Forkbeard Fantasy have produced dozens of shows ranging from On An Uncertain Insect  to The Barbers of Surreal, The

Forkbeard Fantasy – Multimedia Theatre of the Absurd – 3

Practical exercises exploring the Forkbeard approach Through the Looking Glass To explain Forkbeard's extraordinary melding of film and live performance,

Forkbeard Fantasy – Multimedia Theatre of the Absurd – 4

Educational programme Forkbeard Fantasy run regular workshops and residencies as an integral part of their artistic programme. Courses range from

Keeping Control in the Drama Lesson

Classroom Management for Drama Lessons The challenge of managing the classroom during drama could be why some teachers are reluctant

Key Stage 1 Drama Lesson Ideas

A dozen fabulous ideas and helpful books for teaching drama at key stage one.

Key Stage 2 Drama Lesson Ideas

Ten brilliant ideas and worthwhile books for teaching drama at key stage two.

Music for Drama Workshops

A playlist of music for drama workshops, rehearsal or performance, including warm-ups, movement pieces and atmospherics.

My Favourite Drama Teaching Books

These books are ideal for practical ideas to use right away. The first two cover secondary as well as primary

Non-Verbal Communication

Discussion and activities exploring the power of non-verbal communication

Plays for Children

In this interview Alison Chaplin talks to David Farmer about her plays for children and how she got into writing

Podcasts and Webinars with David Farmer

Podcasts and Webinars about drama teaching featuring David Farmer

Shortened Shakespeare

Recommended shortened versions of Shakespeare playscripts for children and young people to perform.

Six Books on Drama for Language Teaching and Learning

Recommended books on teaching and learning language through drama games and activities.

Story Books for Drama Teaching

Stories can provide the launch pad for a one-off drama session or several weeks of work. Drama strategies can be drawn

Teaching Gold Mining in New Zealand through Drama

These five incredibly simple methods for drama teaching inspired a teacher in New Zealand to bring to life her social

Teaching Literacy Through Drama

Drama is a close ally in the development of literacy, especially speaking and listening.

The Tiger Child Drama Unit (4-7 years)

A range of drama and storytelling activities based on a traditional Indian folk-tale for KS1 and reception.

TheatrED Buenos Aires

The second TheatrEd Theatre in Education Congress took place at the Pablo Picasso Theatre in Buenos Aires in May 2018.

Top 5 Books for Teaching Shakespeare to Children and Young People

These days Shakespeare can be taught to children and young people in very exciting and active ways - and there

What Are Drama Games?

Children's natural tendency towards make-believe play can be utilised at school through structured play and drama.

Whoosh! Bringing Stories Alive through Drama

An interactive technique in which participants become characters and objects in a story as it is told.

Why Teach Drama to Primary School Children?

Children's natural tendency towards make-believe play can be utilised at school through structured play and drama.