Primary Drama Ideas

by | Jan 2, 2019

Here you can find a selection of articles, tips and ideas for teaching drama in primary classrooms.

Using drama to explore bullying issues, giving pupils the opportunity to try out anti-bullying strategies.
Ways to develop fairy and folk tales into rehearsed performances, improvisations, tableaux and oral storytelling.
Ten brilliant ideas and worthwhile books for teaching drama at key stage two.
A dozen fabulous ideas and helpful books for teaching drama at key stage one.
A range of drama and storytelling activities based on a traditional Indian folk-tale for KS1 and reception.
Children's natural tendency towards make-believe play can be utilised at school through structured play and drama.
Drama can provide children with a meaningful purpose for writing. (Extract from 'Learning Through Drama in the Primary Years').
Classroom Management for Drama Lessons The challenge of managing the classroom during drama could be why some teachers are reluctant
Drama is a close ally in the development of literacy, especially speaking and listening.
Drama strategies can be used as everyday teaching tools for a wide range of subjects. (Extract from 'Learning Through Drama
Sparkling play script of the Brothers Grimm tale for performance in schools
Lesson plan and original story for KS2 exploring non-verbal communication through gesture and sign language.
Explore bullying issues through the story of Cinderella using drama, writing and restorative justice techniques

Drama Courses

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The Inspiring Drama Teacher

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Creativity with Young Learners

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