This lively and funny folk tale from Orissa, India, explains why tigers eat their food uncooked and why cats live with people. The Tiger Child is sent to fetch some more fire from the village, but on the way he gets distracted by his friends. By the time he gets to the village, he has forgotten what he has been sent to fetch.

Joanna Troughton’s popular book is available from Amazon. The story is not included in the download as it is copyrighted. However the book is very cheap to buy!

The lesson plan contains a range of practical, fun and easy-to-do drama activities linked to the story, suitable for Reception and Key Stage 1 (4-7 years). There are at least 80 minutes of activities, so you could choose some of your favourites for one lesson or teach it over several sessions.

The activities include ten second objects, soundscape, freeze frames, thought tracking and whoosh storytelling. The plan is ideal for drama clubs or the classroom and can easily be linked into a project on India. Full details of each activity are included in the seven-page PDF.

Click the button to download the full 7-page Tiger Child Drama Unit (PDF) for just £4.97 with PayPal.

Thank you so much, David, this resource is fabulous!

Dalene du Pisanie 
 Dalene du Pisanie

‘Your course was a revelation for us and has given us so many new ideas to use with the children. The Tiger Child story has become a firm favourite among the pupils and you gave us the confidence to try new things and to trust in the teacher-in-role technique, which the children love!’

Anna Izquierda White Rabbit Drama Club (April 2019)
Anna Izquierda

If you don’t know the story, you can watch this five-minute video showing an animated version.