KS1 and KS2 | Objective: To explore the real-life story of a refugee family and their cat using storytelling, discussion and drama activities.

Duration: 60-90 minutes, can be divided into more than one session

Resources Required
The extraordinary and engaging story of this family and their pet is told clearly in this beautifully-illustrated book (written by the aid worker and photo-journalist who rescued Kunkush), which can be used to accompany the lesson: Kuntz, D. and Shrodes, A. (2017). Lost and Found Cat. Crown Books

Sura and her family fled Iraq and became refugees in Europe. They took their cat with them, but he was lost on the journey. Following intervention from aid-workers and communities across the world, the family and their pet were reunited. This download explores the challenges faced by the family and other refugees through the heart-warming story of Kunkush, the refugee cat. This two-minute video by The Guardian (displayed below) shows Kunkush being reunited with his family. The video should not be shown to students until the end of the drama activities.

The full story is told within the lesson plan so it is not essential to purchase the book – however it is a wonderful picture/text book and can be purchased separately from Amazon using this link.

The complete lesson plan includes such activities as storytelling, freeze frames, thought tracking, teacher in role, action clip and improvisation. All the activities are fully explained. There are also opportunities for writing, discussion and visual art follow-up.

Click the button to download the full 9-page Refugee Cat Drama Unit (PDF) for just £4.97 with PayPal.

‘I was particularly inspired by how to manage teaching Shakespeare and the real emotion provoked by the refugee unit! I will be rewriting our schemes of work to incorporate as many new ideas as possible.’

Jennifer Carr Course Participant, February 2019
Jennifer Carr