You’re invited to over an hour of the best live show moments of La Nouba, Varekai and Quidam by Cirque de Soleil. Please note, this show is available to stream on demand until further notice.

About La Nouba:

Once upon a time, a door opened, and two worlds collided. Dreams clashed with reality. The mundane mixed with the marvelous. It was no longer possible to tell where one world began and the other ended. This new place was called La Nouba. This Cirque du Soleil creation is an unforgettable journey through this universe – at once threatening and exhilarating, frightening and familiar. La Nouba is the story of all stories, the site of all mysteries, where dreams and nightmares sleep side by side. La Nouba is memory, individual and universal. It beckons to us, challenges us to uncover passions we thought we had lost long ago. In La Nouba, anything is possible.

About Quidam:

Quidam marks a turning point in Cirque du Soleil’s history. Unlike the troupe’s previous shows, Quidam does not take spectators to an imaginary realm of fanciful, larger-than-life characters. Rather, it is an examination of our own world – inhabited by real people with real-life concerns. The show emanated from a concern about growing alienation and loneliness in a world that, ironically, is devising ever-more ingenious ways of keeping people in touch with one another. Quidam is about rediscovery – about giving new meaning to the mundane.

About Varekai:

Varekai pays tribute to the nomadic soul, to the spirit and art of the circus tradition, and to those who quest with infinite passion.

Deep within a forest, at the summit of a volcano, exists an extraordinary world, a world where something else is possible. A world called Varekai. Parachuted into the shadows of a magical forest, a kaleidoscopic world imbued with fantastical creatures, a young man takes flight in an adventure both absurd and extraordinary. Varekai emerges from an explosive fusion of drama and acrobatics. The impossible becomes possible in stunning displays of skill and power set against innovative music and otherworldly sets, interwoven with vivid choreography that speaks to all in the universal language of movement.