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101 More Drama Games and Activities

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Age: 9 to adult
Players: Whole group
Time: 10-20 minutes
Skills: Observation, Mime, Grammar

An amusing mime guessing game (which also helps with learning grammar)

Everybody stands in a circle. One person is picked to go outside the room while the rest of the group decides on an adverb, such as “quickly”, “cheerfully” or “sleepily.” The volunteer is called back to stand in the centre of the circle. Her task is to guess the adverb by asking any individual or a few members of the group to mime an activity. They should do this in the manner (style) of the word.

For example, the volunteer may ask someone to “play a piano” or “dig a hole” in the manner of the word. She watches to see how that person is doing the activity. If she can’t guess the adverb, she can ask other people to mime different activities (she is allowed up to three guesses). When she gets it right, or her three guesses are up, another volunteer goes outside while the group chooses a new adverb.

Here are some adverbs of varying difficulty to get you started:

Angrily Boldly Calmly Carefully Cheerfully Confidently Dreamily Enthusiastically Fiercely Gracefully Greedily Happily Innocently Joyfully Lazily Miserably Mysteriously Nervously Painfully Politely Quickly Quietly Reluctantly Sadly Secretly Silently Sleepily Slowly Timidly Wearily

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