Myanna Gregory

REALLY appreciate all you do for the teaching profession and helping us to bring theatre and fun into the classroom!   You are an inspiration and help us inspire our students.  Huge thanks!Read more

Refugee Cat J Carr

‘I was particularly inspired by how to manage teaching Shakespeare and the real emotion provoked by the refugee unit! I will be rewriting our schemes of work to incorporate as many new ideas as possible.’Read more

Kings Sentence Casingena

‘I took two classes of year 3 students through ‘The King’s Sentence’ on Friday. They absolutely loved it and it has provided them and their English teacher with a platform to explore storytelling writing. Your imagination is inspirational!’Read more

Tiger Child White Rabbit

‘Your course was a revelation for us and has given us so many new ideas to use with the children. The Tiger Child story has become a firm favourite among the pupils and you gave us the confidence to try new things and to trust in the teacher-in-role technique, which...Read more

Fátima Silva

You inspired and challenged us to be better teachers. You taught us how effective drama can be to get our students’ attention and make our lessons fun for them. You gave us new teaching tools and helped us feel we can make a difference in our students’ lives. Thank...Read more