Theodora Nakou

All the units were wonderfully arranged, with respect to the students, clear instructions, thoughtful tips, expanding material. The instructions and material were so explicit that it was like I was trained in person. Moreover, the fact that I can turn to the...Read more

David experienced

David is very experienced in the field of drama, and very passionate about it. Even though this was an online course, I think we could all see that through the videos and the messages in the forum.Read more

really enjoyed

I have really enjoyed learning about the games and creating ways to use them in my classes for adults. It takes a bit of courage to get students to move out of their comfortable chairs to the imaginary stage – and courage for the teacher to make this happen in a safe...Read more

course is inspirational

The course is inspirational – it encourages teachers to be more imaginative and creative during the lessons in a way to make them more fun and enjoyable.Read more

changed thinking

Now I’ve changed my thinking about teaching – every time I look into my course book I have lots of ideas of what I can do connected with drama.Read more