Drama Games for Classrooms and Workshops Book Cover Drama Games for Classrooms and Workshops
Jessica Swale
Drama Games
Nick Hern Books


This flick-through book of catchy drama games is packed with 101 activities which could be fun to play with a wide range of groups. They are divided into sections such as Imagination, Improvisation and Warm Up, and indexed according to skills, such as Spontaneity, Mime, Status and Storytelling. Each game is clearly identified with recommended age-group, number of players, anticipated running time and skills.

The activities could be used with children, young people and adults. They tend to be lively and fun, ranging from well-known favourites such as "Splat", "Energy Ball" and "Wink Murder" to newer games such as"Star Wars" and "Max's Motivations", based on an exercise used by Max Stafford Clark in rehearsals. A lot of thought has gone into this very attractive dip-into volume so that it can easily be picked up and a suitable activity found for any group within a matter of moments.


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