Drama Games for Young Children Book Cover Drama Games for Young Children
Katherine Zachest
Nick Hern Books
October 2016
Paperback, Kindle


Katharine Zachest has produced another winner for the Nick Hern Drama Games series, containing 40 clear lesson plans for children aged 3 and up. Although there are many games, the focus of the book is on the lessons. Each one is themed and adheres to a lesson plan template, beginning with a warm-up and moving through discussion, a main focus activity, extension ideas and cross-curricular activities. The formula is one that will work well with young children, including plenty of teacher-led movement, child role-play, storytelling, teacher in role and games.

There is reference to nursery rhymes and songs in many of the lessons, with some of them based on well-known stories such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Where The Wild Things Are and Going On A Bear Hunt. Other themes include The Seasons, Dramatic Play - clowning and puppets - and Places and Animals, which should provide links to much cross-curricular work with the ideas given.

The book will be of great value to anyone working with Early Years and KS 1 children, regardless of experience. Each lesson gives clear instructions, with verbatim speech so that teachers have a working script if they need it. It is ideal for those wishing to develop beyond guided play to dramatic role-play, characterisation, exploration of emotions and themes.