Drama Menu Book Cover Drama Menu
Glyn Trefor-Jones
Performing Arts
Nick Hern Books


As the title suggests, the 150 games and activities in Drama Menu are organised as courses from which the drama teacher can select to create a complete drama session. It is ideal for use by teachers in drama schools, drama clubs or other situations where the emphasis is on performance.

The Appetisers are 5-10 minute lively games to warm up and focus the group. There are several well-known games such as "What Are You Doing" amongst a variety of original and lesser-known activities.

The Starters are longer and slightly more challenging activities, aiming to fire players' imaginations and to develop performance skills. The Main Courses are long (20-30 minutes) activities, leading towards performance. One of these can easily form the main body of a workshop.

There are also a small selection of Desserts which are designed as time-fillers, should there be some time left at the end.

The author is the director of a performing arts academy and has previously worked as an actor, director and writer. His knowledge and experience are apparent in his writing and this book will provide a great deal of varied and inspiring material for sessions with secondary-aged or older students, although many activities could be used with or adapted for younger age-groups.