The Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre Book Cover The Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre
Scott Graham, Steven Hoggett,
Performing Arts


Anyone who has ever seen the physical theatre company Frantic Assembly cannot fail to have been knocked out by their dynamic and groundbreaking performances. Their use of loud dance music and inspirational choreography by Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett has made them a hit with young audiences across the UK.

This book attempts to capture the company's work through a round-up of practical exercises, essays on devising, writing and choreography, an anthology of productions with photographs from many of the shows, as well as suggestions for film, music and physical theatre inspiration for devising. Frantic Assembly run workshops on their style and approach and many of the exercises from those sessions can be found in this book.

This book is a must for anyone devising work with professional actors, dancers or young people. It gives a thorough insight into Frantic's approach and clearly explains not only the exercises but also how these can be used during the devising and directing of scenes. Highly recommended.