If you are searching for ideas for running a drama club, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a curated list of books which you should find really useful. Each one has a different focus. We don’t supply these books, we just review them, but if you click on the links you can buy them from Amazon.co.uk.

100 Acting Exercises for 8-18 Year Olds by Samantha Marsdenby Sam Marsden ( Methuen Drama) 2019
If you are a director or acting teacher this book will have a lot to offer. Samantha Marsden provides an overview of most of the leading approaches to acting used on the stage today. If you are wondering how to deepen characters, explore objectives, motivation and sub-text, then this book will provide you with a highly practical approach by way of games, exercises, lists of actions and sample scenes.

Drama Sessions for Primary Schools and Drama Clubs by Alison Day (David Fulton) 2011
The book sets out three terms of 11 weekly sessions culminating in a presentation of sample games and activities to parents. Each session begins with a warm-up followed by a game or two and a longer activity. The book is more suitable for those who have little experience of teaching drama rather than experienced practitioners.

Drama Games for Classrooms and Workshops by Jessica Swale (Nick Hern) 2009
This flick-through book of catchy drama games is packed with 101 activities which are fun to play with a wide range of groups. They are divided into sections such as Imagination, Improvisation and Warm Up, and indexed according to skills, such as Spontaneity, Mime, Status and Storytelling.

Playful Plays Volume 1 by David Farmer (CreateSpace) 2014
A lively collection of eight short plays for children and young people supported by inspirational drama games designed to bring creativity and fun to the rehearsal room. The stories are based on traditional folk-tales from countries including China, Ghana, Greece, Japan, Turkey and Scandinavia.

Drama Games for Young Children by Katherine Zachest (Nick Hern Books) 2016
40 lesson plans for children aged 3 and up. Each one is themed, beginning with a warm-up and moving through discussion, a main focus activity, extension ideas and cross-curricular activities. Includes plenty of teacher-led movement, child role-play, storytelling, teacher in role and games.

The Drama Club: Developing Successful Performances by Mark Wheeller and Clive Hulme (Pping Publishing) 2015
Useful tips and ideas for a junior drama club as well as a free script and downloadable resources. The focus is on devising performances which involve the audience via a quiz format running alongside the show, as well as a boarding school mystery play and a musical.