Learning Through Drama in the Primary Years Book Cover Learning Through Drama in the Primary Years
David Farmer
Primary Drama
Drama Resource


This practical handbook explores how to use the greatest resource that teachers have available to them – children’s imagination. Play is a natural part of children’s lives before they start school, helping them to make sense of their place in the world. Such creativity can be harnessed through drama to enable active and interactive learning experiences throughout the primary years and across the curriculum. The book includes 36 drama strategies along with over 250 cross-curricular activities and three extended lesson plans.

The book provides guidance to teachers who have never taught drama before but are considering using it in a subject area such as science or history and offers new approaches to those familiar with common drama techniques (such as hot-seating and teacher in role). It includes 36 drama strategies and over 250 cross-curricular activities, including practical ideas for inspiring speaking, listening and writing.

“A must-have for those serious about the teaching of drama in primary school settings.”
- Teaching Drama magazine, October 2011 *****

“Full of easily accessible advice... clear explanations and inventive suggestions.”
- National Drama Magazine, January 2012