Line Learner

Line Learner (£3.99 iTunes, £2.49 Android) This app is a great way to learn lines for a play or speech. You simply speak each line into the iPhone (or iPod with microphone), pressing a button to specify whether it is another character’s line or one that you will...Read more


iTheatre is a mobile guide to London’s West End theatre shows. You can find out what special offers are currently available, bookmark your favourite shows, read reviews, watch video clips, find out where the theatre is and buy tickets online. The booking process...Read more

FX Live

FX Live is a fully-featured sound scheduler and mixer for live productions. It enables you to design and automate complex audio elements including programmable or manual crossfades. It comes as a free app with a demo of cues for a production of ‘Oliver’....Read more


You don’t have to be a techie to appreciate myGobo.  It contains the entire Rosco gobo library of more than 2,300 images, so that you can find the ideal pretty light pattern for your next show or school disco.  You’ll find you can happily waste time watching these...Read more

Belfry Sound Effects Player

Belfry is an iPad sound effects player for schools, small scale theatre venues and small touring companies. It allows for the simultaneous playback of up to sixty sound effects stored in iTunes. This means a whole production can be run through the app. The interface...Read more

Drama PropBox

This handy fact-filled app for iOS and Android includes ideas for improvisation, sound effects, backing music, audition speeches, viewable lighting effects and a mini reference library. Watch the video review to find out more. Buy from the iTunes Store and GooglePlay....Read more

Rehearsal Pro

Rehearsal Pro is an updated version of the versatile app that enables you to upload a script, highlight it and most importantly record any parts you like. Then, for example, you can play back the audio (while you are driving along) and speak your lines in between the...Read more


What’s not to like? The free version of the Shakespeare app features the full texts of 40 plays, six poems and 154 sonnets. It automatically remembers the last page you read, you can use it in landscape mode to make the most of the screen and you can even search...Read more