The Improv Book Book Cover The Improv Book
Alison Goldie
Performing Arts
Oberon Books


Subtitled 'Improvisation for Theatre, Comedy, Education and Life", this lively and very readable book introduces dozens and dozens of improv games along with tips on how and why to play them. The book is divided into sections such as Silly Games, Physical, Releasing Imagination, Storytelling, Power, Characters, Verbal, Devising and Performance. The solid knowledge and experience of the actor, director, writer and broadcaster Alison Goldie is apparent throughout, as is her infectious enthusiasm. Many of the games come with example scenarios so that the teacher is clear about what to expect. These examples are varied, original and often very funny.

As well as the games, there are instructions and advice on developing scenarios as part of a devising process or for live improvised performance. The book stands on a level with 'Impro' by Keith Johnstone as it not only teaches us how to teach the approaches, but draws parallels with everyday life situations in a personal, honest and inspiring fashion. Highly recommended for anyone exploring improvisation, wanting to spice up their rehearsals of existing material or wishing to devise their own work.


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