Vocal Warm Ups & Exercises For Actors, Speakers & Voice Artists Book Cover Vocal Warm Ups & Exercises For Actors, Speakers & Voice Artists
Toula and James Messer

This delightfully illustrated book has been written and illustrated by James and Toula Messer - a voice actor and author. It takes you through a progression of simple vocal exercises and full body stretches, each one taking up a double-page in this handy hand-sized colourful book.The graphics and layout will particularly appeal to young people. Little reading is involved in the first section of the book, just straight-forward activities.

The second half of the book is dedicated to tongue-twisters - although not the conventional short pithy type. Each consonant or vowel-sound has a dedicated and humorous short story so that you can test your diction and enunciation over a few pages rather than a single phrase.

With its reasonable price, it would make a great gift and is easy to pick up and use if you would rather not read lots of theory about vocal performance but just get on with the exercises.

The book has its own web page at www.100PerCentPublishing.com and is available in Kindle and paperback.