Dean O’Carroll has produced a whole range of Zoom-ready plays which are designed to be performed online. Dean is based in Philadelphia and has written these plays for Middle School and High School Drama students. These are well-written, original and very funny. Some of the cultural references are more suitable for American audiences (or audiences that are familiar with US culture). His most popular titles are:


10 f, 10m (though that’s flexible — girls could certainly play some of the male characters and it’s very easy for actors to play multiple roles). One act. About 40 minutes.

A comedy about the Gods of Olympus dealing with a mysterious theft while they all have to remain locked down. The play is a series of two-character video chats between the gods and few other characters from mythology, all broadly comic (Hephaestus is like the Car Talk guys, Hestia is Martha Stewart, etc) — lots of fun for young actors.


One act — 30 minutes to … nearly infinite
9 characters, no gender specified for any.

A wacky heist comedy about thieves trying to steal a painting and the authorities trying to keep it safe, but it works like a “choose your own adventure” book where they audience votes on what’s going to happen next. It’s written as Zoom conversations and uses the poll feature to let the audience vote.

Other titles available so far:

  • Unicorn King: Murther, Magick and Mayhap Mayhem – a fantasy parody of Tiger King from Netflix
  • Super Heroes Under Quarantine
  • Shrewed Up – a podcast/radio play about a high school production of KISS ME KATE that goes horribly wrong.

You can email him at and he is very responsive to questions you may have.

Dean says about royalties:

“My policy on royalties is $50(US) per performance for the one-acts (Greek Gods, Unicorn, or Heist) and $75 for the full-lengths (Super Heroes and Shrewed Up). For UK-based teachers he would charge around 40/£60,