The RSC calls it “The largest ever celebration of Shakespeare by audiences in our history.”

​Keep sharing your Shakespeare! Film or photograph your Shakespeare in any way you like and upload it to your Instagram, Twitter or Youtube, tagging @theRSC and using the hashtag #ShareYourShakespeare.

Share Your Shakespeare details

No idea is too silly…

  1. Bake a cake with your favourite quote in the icing
  2. Recreate the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene with vegetables
  3. Perform “All the world’s a stage” line by line with your family on Zoom
  4. Draw or paint your favourite scene
  5. Feeling musical? Why not re-write a Shakespeare speech as a song?
  6. Shout your speech over the fence to your neighbours (two metres apart of course)
  7. Act out a moment through the medium of dance on Tik Tok
  8. Get your pets involved
  9. Tell a Shakespeare story in emojis

Get bold. Get creative. Get involved.