Two New Drama Games Books

Two fantastic new drama games books from the Nick Hern series – well worth a look! Katharine Zachest has produced another winner for the Nick Hern Drama Games series, containing 40 clear lesson plans for children aged 3 and up. Although there are many games, the...Read more

Keeping Control in the Drama Lesson

Keeping control in the drama lesson could be one of the main reasons why some teachers are reluctant to teach the subject. Drama lessons are there to encourage free expression, so doesn’’t this just lead to noise, over-excitement and even fighting? In the...Read more

Role on the Wall

The outline of a body is drawn on a large sheet of paper, which is later stuck onto the wall.  This can be done by carefully drawing around one of the participants.  Words or phrases describing the character are then written directly onto the drawing or stuck on with...Read more