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Age: 7 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 10 minutes
Skills: Concentration, Mime, Observation

The museum is closed for the night. The watchman is making his rounds. But something strange is going on…

This popular game has similarities to Grandma’s Footsteps. The whole group spreads out in the space and each individual makes the shape of a statue or exhibit in a museum gallery. One player is selected to be the night watchman. He or she walks around the museum while the exhibits try to make movements without being seen.

If the watchman sees anyone make a movement or sound, that person is out and must watch from the edge. It is challenging and great fun for the statues to make more and more outrageous movements without being caught. The night watchman is not allowed to touch the statues but can examine them – and they are not allowed to touch him!

Director’s Tips

  • You can set a theme before you start, such as Superheroes, Pop Stars, Jungle Animals, Victorians, Harry Potter or perhaps Madame Tussaud’s, The London Dungeon or The Ancient Greek Gallery
  • If the group gets good at this game, try having two guides walking around at the same time

Play Socially Distanced

This game can be played socially distanced, especially if you have marked out a grid in the studio so that students remain apart.

  • Want to try this game out? We play loads of games in our monthly Zoom Meetings which come as part of The Inspiring Drama Teacher course. We often come up with new ideas between us!

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