From ‘Drop of a Hat: Drama Lessons’

Age: 7 years +
Players: Small Groups
Time: 5 minutes
Skills: Improvisation

Quickly share group work

When groups develop scenes or improvisations, they inevitably want to show them to the rest of the class. With several groups this can take a while, especially when the mind begins to wander. So when students have finished devising, ask them to choose the ‘best bit’ of their improvisation and to prepare a Freeze Frame of that moment. Then when it’s their turn, ask each group to make the freeze frame and use Action Clip to bring it to life. That way, everybody gets to show their favourite moments in a much shorter space of time without (literally) losing the plot!

Normally when groups ‘perform’ a scene, they are actually devising it all over again. In addition, it can be difficult for students to know when to finish an improvisation. And by the time the last group is up, they really have forgotten what they planned. So try Best Bits – everyone is a winner!

The above is an extract from Drop of a Hat: Drama Lessons, Games and Activities. This new book by David Farmer is for any teacher who wants to bring the curriculum to life through drama and creativity. Each lesson is based on a story, poem or theme and divided into bite-sized sections. If you’re looking for a quick fix, just choose a couple of activities. If you’re new to drama, there’s a section at the back describing the games and strategies in detail.

You’ll find approaches for using drama to raise standards in literacy and to explore stories, characters and themes. Topics covered include global warming, looking after pets, dealing with bullying and exploring issues around refugees. There are over a dozen activities for using Drama in Science as well as a lively introduction to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. There are activity sheets and cards to accompany many of the activities.

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